Snuck out 3/27/16 before it Really started blowing...Jewfish, mangos, cobia, flounder

Kiel, my son Tyler, and I snuck out yesterday and for some ridiculous reason we trusted NOAA when it said 10 knots and 2'..... I knew that wasn't going to come through but it was still fishable and we weren't going far.

Started off getting bait. Went to the piers at Fort Desoto. The bayside pier had some bait but it was up under the wood structure of the bridge and we couldn't get to it. There were a lot of people fishing so we didn't want to be jerks so went to the gulf pier. Still a lot of people fishing but there were plenty of open spots where we wouldn't bother anyone. At the end in the corner I saw some bait so we pulled up and threw the net. Not 2 seconds later 3 people who weren't even near us came running over and started yelling that they paid for entrance to the park and we shouldn't be here and we were rude and F' this and F' that... Wow....first real run in I have had with anyone at the piers and we were sincerely nowhere near anyone. Real aholes...but oh well, we got bait and moved on. I wished them a happy easter....

Off to our spot. Getting a tad bit windy. The 10 was already closer to 15. We run a few crab pots on the way out and actually got 2 triple tails. One keeper, one small but I haven't done that very often so that was cool.

Get to our spot and anchor up and start chumming. Chum bag in the front of the boat about 10-15' off the bottom and chunking from the back of the boat. Bite was a little slower than normal but there was a lot of life out there. Bait is really starting to rock and roll.

Caught a bunch of Spanish as by catch. Got a few nice mangos, then some huge blue runners. Started getting jewfished while TRYING to reel in fish so Kiel got a hankering and rigged up my biggest reel and put it down with a big hunk of either Spanish or blue runner or something. We had a HUGE hook though and they wouldn't touch it. Put an 8/0 hook down and almost immediately he grabbed it and the fight was on.

Kiel was gaining ground but the hook straightened....

Try the big hook go....had one 4x 8/0 put that down and fish on....but Kiel's knot pulled (we don't tie 140 lb mono very often). So no more extra strong hooks but put down a normal 8/0 again and I thought we had this one in the bag but about 10' from the surface the hook pulled.

While Kiel was playing with mr. jewfish I kept on fishing and managed to get a nice cobia and a few decent mangos past the jew fish. Kiel's back was sore so he went back to smaller tackle and landed a really nice doormat flounder. Probably 18"....

Backs sore and wind picking up so we decided to boogie.

Here is a couple of the jewfish battles but we have to figure out a better hook strategy for next time....

Not a bad take. Nice cobia, few nice mangos, triple tail, and a big flounder. Bite wasn't as ridiculous as it has been there but it was steady and I think us fishing for all those bigger fish probably had an affect on that.

Tight lines....
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  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,083 Moderator
    Great take for that postage stamp of a window yesterday morning. Some quality groceries Bly.
  • Thumper363Thumper363 Posts: 92 Greenhorn
    Great report, thanks! Sounds like fun, and dinner included. I'm cooking mango right now!
  • FusionZ06FusionZ06 Posts: 979 Officer
    The pier people at the Fort have been totally rude in the past. We've been there right at first light and casting away from anyone and there is at least one crotchety old dude who threatens to throw lead...
  • Figmo89Figmo89 Posts: 66 Greenhorn
    Great trip as always CaptainBly. I too have been trying to develop a good Mango game but it is still hit or miss for me. My ego tells me to blame the spot, not the fisherman, but my confidence is shaken.

    I've had the same experience with pier fishermen at the Redington Beach fishing pier. No matter how you try to pick a spot where no one is fishing, someone will come over to cuss you out. I quit trying because I just don't enjoy playing catch with F-bombs.
  • therobertbrookstherobertbrooks Posts: 285 Officer
    Nice trip. Hoping to get the boat out of service this week so I can get back out there... Getting the itch.

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  • Mako224Mako224 Posts: 456 Deckhand
    Very nice. I went Friday night into Saturday. We did really well on ARS and Gags. I think I ran to far out this time. My home computer crashed and waiting for the new one. Work blocks photobucket so I cant upload pics.
  • partime30partime30 Posts: 79 Greenhorn
    nice how far out did you guys go and what type of baits?
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