3/26 Out of Homestead Bayfront Park

Got a 4am start out of Caesar's Creek hoping the weather reports held up to make the cross over to Cat Cay. Anchored up at the bait spot off Pacific and loaded up the wells only to find out the weather man was off once again so the cross to Cat was a no-go.

Decided to fast-troll for some wahoo as it would've been our target species if things would've stayed according to plan. Trolled the wrecks from 150'-450' but no luck so we decided to head out and look for some birds. Managed to run up on a school of peanut dolphin that were chasing around flying fish. We pitched some jigs and cut bait at them and were able to bring one on that just made the cut, nothing to write home about.

After run around for a while we decided to come back in and deep drop on some wrecks that have produced nice fish in the past. We brought up a couple of nice AJs. My buddy Andy brought up this monster speed jigging off the Scott Mason in 250ft....

I put it at 80+ lbs easily.

Long story short, conditions looked promising on paper going out, but you never know until you get out there.
Still better to be out there than anywhere else.
AJ.jpg 93.4K


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