Trident 13 downrigger installation

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I am finally trying to install the laketroller downrigger I have on my Trident 13. The red arrow on the image indicates where I want to install the downrigger but the blue arrow shows the gunnel wall that is blocking the backplate from being installed correctly and won't sit flush under this area. Is a back plate needed if I use a flush mount for the downrigger?

Has anyone installed one on the Trident 13 in this area? My second question is: I hear of a lot of people replacing the metal downrigger cable with like 200# test braid or something. Is this recommended? I am just imagining a horrible tangled nightmare with the braid. I'm using a 4 pound cannon trolling weight with a fin. Appreciate any help, thanks.


  • kayakerinkeywestkayakerinkeywest Posts: 504 Officer
    There is not a ton of pressure from dragging a 4 pound weight on a paddle kayak. You will definitely want some sort of backing if at least large washers on the underside. We ran a lot of down riggers just using a standard recessed Scotty mount. In regards to the line, braid is definitely the way to go over wire. You can go smaller diameter for the same reason as above. Not a ton of pressure. Also. with braid, you can cut it free versus wire which you would have to have proper cutters. I used 65lb braid and it functioned fine. No way you are going to break that. No reason for much larger diameter. Plus, the smaller diameter the more vertical your weight will stay.
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    I would like a way to run my downrigger on my Trident 15, watching this post!
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    --Just for those who might be interested in an alternative:

    When I used to use live bait I did okay with a #3 or #4 planar board on a Cuban hand reel.
    Once it trips it's really quick to bring up and get it out of the way.
    It's also a lot easier to paddle around with it deployed than a cannon ball (I'm a traditional paddler not a peddler (those fin things break a lot LOL)).
    I just marked the line every 10' with a sharpie and cleated it off to set the depth.
    It worked pretty darn well and I could store it in my hatch if I didn't feel like using it.
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