Palm Sola Break In - Wading Caution

Buddy and I waded an area tonight in the Palma Sola area.... Long huff, and the flying critters let us know it... Slow pickings, ended up with 4 trout to 15" and one rat red. We get back in, only to find his wife's mini van window smashed in... Stupid of me to keep my iPhone in glove, gone. Spare rod and reel I took, Ci4 Shimano gone, St Croix Rod gone, and a topwater tray with at least 50 bucks in topwaters - g o n e.


  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,106 Captain
    That sucks. I hate scumbags....
    In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013
  • SFDaveSFDave Posts: 85 Deckhand
    Yes, scumbags are everywhere. I had my truck broken into one time and there was nothing to take. They emptied my console and glove box onto the floor. Most valuable thing I had was a couple of ink pens. Now when I go to the ramp, I empty my console and glove box into a plastic container and leave it in my garage. Then I just leave my truck doors unlocked so they won't smash my window.
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