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Looking for pointers

Hello all,

I am from Fairhope,AL and will be in town towards the end of April. I will be renting a skiff from Devil's Elbow. My brother in law from Ohio will be meeting down there. I would really like to put him on some nice fish. I am looking for advice for fishing your area this time of year. I fish Mobile Bay and nearshore in the Gulf of Mexico. I normally target white trout, specs and reds inshore and whatever edible fish I can find nearshore. (i.e. sheepshead, spanish, king and even spadefish) The tide schedule while we are there is low tide in early afternoon. What bait and presentation should I be considering for a successful outing?

Thanks in advance,



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    Can still hear the shackles on my dad's homemade trailer rattle as we went through the tunnel.......and the moment when a small boy could look fast and see light on both ends for a split second! And the ice house on the causeway, the ice house where the ice tongs were ALWAYS hanging on the hook so you could sling the block of ice that came down the shoot into your boat. Odd how in that time and place, a time and place where most were not to well off those tongs never came up missing.

    You do as you would there: Toss topwater plugs on the high tide at sunrise and then catch bait......or buy it?.......and go from there. That first low tide you see will give you a lot of ideas.

    Been 50+ years sense that old trailer let slide the flat bottom wood boat into the bay for the last time........

    You get home ask some of the OLD guys if they remember Friedhoff's Tackle Shop. A old German gentleman with a pipe and a bad ( Maybe missing? ) leg and a accent. Made lures there too.......spinner baits and maybe some other stuff if I remember correctly. Been a long time.
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    Thanks for the reply and the most eloquent picture of yester-year from a young lad's perspective. Quite a nice picture you painted. Next time I run into an Ol' Timer, I will be sure to inquire about the tackle shop.

  • southboundchickensouthboundchicken Posts: 711 Officer
    May I suggest stopping in at strike zone fishing which is the local premiere tackle supplier in Jacksonville just north of Saint Augustine and well worth the drive and pick up some slayer grubs and jig heads in the 1/8 and 1/4 oz sizes, just ask for Dave and tell him what your after and he'll hook you up, top water as suggested on high tide with your normal mullet/baitfish colors.... Plenty of prime fishing right at your door step . Good luck and enjoy your visit
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