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PC offshore 3-26

We headed out the port at about 7:30, cleared the no wake zone and headed to Ocean Venus for some initial bottom fishing. The ride out was a bit bumpy due to short wave period. The wreck was holding fish and we hooked up and broke off a few times. There was a large school of fish at about 30-45' deep likely a school of AJs. I dropped down a butter fly jig and worked it up to the school and connect with a powerful fish that felt like I had snagged the bottom by I was no where near it. Fought the fish four a few minutes then got my jig back empty. After getting tired of this, we decided to head east and troll.

At about 140' we saw slicks, a long scum line and the water temperature changed. The ocean also cleaned up and the flyers were active. We set up the spread and started working east. With in minutes of getting the lines in we had a first strike, a black fin on a daisy chain. We trolled further east and picked up our first nice sized cow. At about 180', we changed direction and headed north. It looked great, nice conditions, a few flyers and no fish. We decided to head back in once we got to the 150' -140' we had a double hook up. A cow hit the outrigger and on the county line was a large bull. As there was only two of us on the boat, it was chaotic clearing lines, and trying to gaff the first fish. With the Cow in the boat, the Bull was next, the fish was bout 4' long and did not want to surface. Unfortunately, he swam aft and got cut off on the outboard engine. It was one of those oh @#$% fish!

It was a great day on the water, had two nice fish in the box and had a great time.


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