Hollywood Beach, FL Offshore Report 3.26.2016

Sup dudes. Now that the weather has been calming down and the fish are moving in, I'm on a kayak once again. It seems like the more experience I gain and more gear I buy the less luck I have, but I pray to the fish gods "may luck return!"

Headed out of Hollywood at 6:15AM, caught a 10# king at sunrise in about 110' on a live ballyhoo (the one and only ballyhoo I was able to cast net). I kept marking tunas out in 275', but couldn't get a bite. I was wondering where the oceanic hyenas (aka bonitas) would show up and sure enough I caught two of those. Purty slow day. Lots of boats on channel 72 with a similar experience.

My takeaway today was to get on the water an hour earlier and net a few more live ballyhoo.


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