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Flounder at PC 3/25

Last week while checking my boat out I reported seeing a nice flounder being caught next to the PC boat ramp. Yesterday I went to try and catch one for myself. Got out early while it was still dark fished the rocks on the south jetty, nothing. Switched to a chartreuse 1/4 oz jighead tipped with a white Gulp swimming mullet and tried the north side of the port across from the jetty and picked up a couple of keeper sized flatties. Lost 3 more before getting them to the boat. Didn't seem like they were in any one spot. We would anchor up casting distance from the rocky shore in about 8' of water and slowly bring back the Gulp/ jig combo. Saw a couple of other boats land a couple too. Not sure I'd call this the peak of flounders in the port but it was nice to catch the tasty targeted species for a change. Hope this report helps someone else catch a few. I found a slow retrieve keeping the bait as close to the bottom as possible worked the best.



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