NOAA's Strategic Plan to Reallocate Fish to For-Hire Sector



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    lukkyracer wrote: »
    Does anyone know how many saltwater fishing liscenses are sold in Florida?

    Been right about 900,000 for the last decade, of course that does into take into account veteran, under 16 or over 65, which are expemt
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    2WayCenter wrote: »
    Mr. Commercial again. Without question, recreational anglers are entitled to:

    1. Equal representation on the gulf fishery council (since sector segregation, we don't have it).
    2. A quota system that is transparent and uses up to date methods to access stock and catch (currently, we don't have it).

    The lawsuit filed in Tampa addresses 1. Join FRA to give them a little support.

    H.R. 981 would change quota and stock assessments. Write a letter or email to support.

    We never had it as two of the "recreational representatives" were dual permit holders, meaning they dabbled in both recreational fisheries (as charters) and commercial fisheries....

    You know **** well each time and issue came up they sided with their commercial interest.
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    2WayCenter wrote: »
    Wouldn't need to peep; it would be the commercial "sector" filing the lawsuits.

    And I would not be on commercial forums calling people hypocrites and correcting their spelling.
    I don't have any federal permits or own any reef fish shares so for the reef fishery I am purely recreational.
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
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