South Florida First Week in April?

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Hi Guys/Gals:

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Dave and I'm going to be traveling to Miami for work during the first week of April. I live in Oregon now, but grew up in the Tampa Bay area. I'm really stoked to be coming to Florida this spring, in part because I'll have 2 1/2 days free to fish. A buddy is coming down from Orlando to do some peacock bass fishing with me in the local canal systems, but I'll have another day and a half to do some other fishing on my own. One half day I'll probably Uber a car to one of the local greenways to walk and cast for peacocks and other exotics. But the other day, I'd like to rent a car and head out Tamiami way. Back in the day I used to fish a lot out there for snook, baby tarpon, bass, oscars, and what have you.

I'm interested in learning any information about how the Trail fishes these days. It's been over 20 years since I've been out there. I'm sure that lots has changed. Not looking for secret spots, but if anyone has general information about flies, general conditions, etc. As I recall, back in the day this time of year was really good for baby tarpon. I would love to get into some on the fly rod (I've only landed them on gear). Snook, etc. would also be awesome. Heck, a few oscars on the fly would make me happy.

I'm also wondering about rods... I'm planing to bring a stout 6 weight for peacocks. I think this will work for baby tarpon as well, but I also have an 8 weight I can bring. I know the drill on leaders and shock tippet, etc. Just want to make sure that I'm not under-gunning myself.

Thanks so much! If anyone is interested in steelhead or trout fishing in Oregon, I'm happy to exchange info.

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