The spectacular Snook fishing video you absolutely do not want to miss!!!!

I usually post spearfishing videos and reports figured this was one everybody could enjoy. Pardon all the goofy dialogue between my dad and I. This video was shot a few years ago and is quite the spectacle. I have caught countless 40 plus inch snook from this very spot, if you are familiar with it please do not publicize I do not fish there much anymore but it should be left alone for the neighborhood kids and such. Lots of good jumps, runs, and a good clean release. Enjoy the action, laugh at the rest!


  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,543 Captain
    Awesome !!!
  • Yes sir, that is a solid place to nail a nice breeder snook. I have done UW inspections there and it is amazing to see all the fish there!
  • deepshot86deepshot86 Posts: 62 Deckhand
    cool man, yeah I have seen some amazing things there. I have seen daisy chains of 10-15 snook the smallest of which are 20 lbs. One time I saw a tarpon that was literally eight feet long, it looked like it spanned the canal and it had to be nearly two feet across the back, never seen anything like it, not at Robbie's or anywhere... covered in like thirty remoras too.
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