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Crystal River 03/22/2016

Finally had a nice enough day to head out to long point. We got a later start then what we wanted too but were still at the ramp in time to get to the banks before the tide changed. I hooked up with the first trout then my girlfriend landed the next three back to back. We got a Tripletail (our first) on some grass floating by. The Spanish mackerel were plentiful. We moved closer in and hooked up with a nice 34" Red and 5 or 6 more mackerel. My girlfriend hooked something that took about 50yrds of line before she was able to grab her rod, as soon as she pulled back the braid snapped. I think we got some of that Chinese "knock off" power pro as I ordered it from ebay when I ordered her Penn Clash. The weather turned on us and decided to head to the cove and hooked up with a 38" Snook. All in all we had a really nice day.


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