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3-18-16 Out of Wiggins

We had been looking at the weather, and decided the weekend looked not so good, and hatched a plan to play "Hook-y" on Friday. The Cocohatchee ramp was out of shrimp, so the beginning of our trip was a hunt for some whitebait. The glass minnows in the pass were too small for our net, so we decided to try sabiki rigs by the channel marker, and we filled the livewell pretty quick with threadfins. We had plenty of frozen bait with us so we hauled off to an area approximately 40miles out. We drifted a few spots to no avail till we pulled up a nice mangrove and decided to anchor up and chum. We managed to pull in some more mangos and freeline a couple nice yellowtail too, until the predators showed up. Got zinged off by a cuda and ate up by a jewfish so we decided to make a move. About four more spots a few miles apart with no real luck and decided to call it a day. Noticed quite a few large bait balls with some holding mackerel on the way in between 10-20 miles off. Water temp was around 75 when I looked. All in all a pretty good day, beats working thats for sure.


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