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Hey guys I'm new to the forum and have a quick question.

I am heading down to Daytona for the weekend of April 9 and was hoping to get some fishing in. Not looking to hire a charter and only have my bass set ups so I'm limited to either fishing freshwater or going for reds and trout and such inshore. Also don't have a boat/yak so limited to the shore as well. Any info on where I could fish from shore for big bass or reds/trout would be greatly appreciated. I would love to find a canal I can walk and catch bass or saltwater species. Ponds that don't have "no trespassing" would be great too. I am willing to travel 30 mins or so out of Daytona if needed. Any other general info about the area would be great too. I plan on stopping by the local tackle shop when I get there and asking these questions but wanted your input first.



  • billdawgbilldawg Posts: 65 Deckhand
    I'd go check out ponce inlet. Only downside is that it costs $10 to get in, but you get the whole day. There are sandy areas west of the jetty where a nice deep channel runs through. Explore that area west of the jetty, and the jetty itself. You can throw a spoon and catch bluefish among other species that cruise the channel and the backwater around there. But you'll get more bites if you use a chicken rig or fish finder rig with squid/finger mullet etc. Make sure to use a leader and thick enough line or the bluefish will bite you off.

    If you have rod holders/sand spikes for surf fishing you could try for pompano but not sure how the bass gear would hold up to surf fishing.
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