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Hickory Island snook help

I am on vacation at the Hyatt in coconut point and as a kid only have access to the hickory Island beach marina and able to wade I am 12 so I am not allowed to walk to far from where I am so if anyone can share some tips or help me out on where to fish it would be greatly appreciated
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  • GatorInPISoundGatorInPISound Posts: 543 Officer
    I dont know Hickory Island one iota but I can give you some wade fishing tips. One, make sure you have some wading boots or old shoes, do not go barefoot. Two, slide your feet so that you wont step on a stingray or anything sharp. Three, fish your way up to the island. Four, make as long a casts as possible to get at fish that are unsuspecting of your presence. Five, fish coves and refish them at different stages of the tide until you figure out when the fish are there. Six, if the wind is blowing on a side, make sure to fish it as the wind can move fish up against those bushes. Seven, look for currents whipping around points of the island and fish those. That is all that comes to mind at the moment. Be safe and dont fish alone, have someone with you if possible in case you run into trouble....go get em'.
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  • BencarrBencarr Posts: 37 Greenhorn
    Thank you you much greatly appreciated
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