Boynton offshore report - 3/18/16

ProduktProdukt Posts: 592 Officer
Went early before work and saw a group launching when I got there. I was hoping to score a bait and get out to catch a sailfish. I trolled the beach for a bit and finally picked up a large runner. On the way out I saw a bunch of mysterious looking fish on the surface but couldn't get close enough to see them without them scattering. I think they may have been chubs. Just after this I see a sailfish freejumping in about 60 feet. On the paddle over to go chase it down I see another group of mysterious fish but this time I see a small tuna jumping in the fray so I try to pitch my little crappie jig to it. Unfortunately the bonita got to it first but it was still fun on light tackle.

I paddle out to deeper water at 300 feet to jig for tuna while waiting for a sail strike on my blue runner. No luck out there so I'm headed back in shallow when I see a sail come up out of the water and head straight for my runner. It immediately gets cut off and I lose my only strike and only bait of the day. I discovered that my wire rig broke because I was too lazy to tie a fresh one that morning and the old corroded one snapped. Completely my fault and I lost the fish due to tackle failure. I'll be better prepared next time.


  • kayakfrankkayakfrank Posts: 791 Officer
    That's fishing Produkt. Gotta always spend the extra time needed on tackle, or that's exactly what will happen. The "ONE" fish you were waiting for, got unglued. But on another note, great way to start the day off, before going to work. Fish On man!
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  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    You did all that before work??? awesome. Even if you didn't get the hookup on the sailfish blitz, sounds like a cool morning.
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  • ProduktProdukt Posts: 592 Officer
    jcanracer wrote: »
    You did all that before work??? awesome. Even if you didn't get the hookup on the sailfish blitz, sounds like a cool morning.

    I don't work til 2pm on Wednesdays and 1pm on Fridays :wink
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,807 Captain
    Produkt, I was one of the earlier launchers off Briny Breeze last Friday -- went out around 630am. It was fishy out there. I metered alot of king fish, but only got bit off on jig and bait off boynton bywhat I suspect were kings. I manage to catch a few runners before light and land a sailfish before the extreme bait arrived with the gogs I had ordered around 745am. The sails were in 170ft. I was jumped by a second one that never got fully hooked. Another fellow kayaker caught a sail and 2 kings that morning and another friend who went out that afternoon also had a sailfish hook up and caught 3 kingfish. After my sail, I headed out to deep for blackfins. In the late morning the current picked up. There were lots of fish on the skycliff, but they had lock jaw, so decided to do a day long drift to West Palm beach. By the time the drift ended, I had caught 4 blackfin, 1 king and released 3 undersized Amberjacks.
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