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Trolling Rig

Hello guys, I've been reading the forum a while, but this is my first post. Hopefully someone will help me out. With it staying light out later, the family and I have started Friday tradition of taking the boat out for a picnic on Snake Island, and then a light cruise in the Gulf to watch the sunset. This past friday, the bait was extremely thick right out of the Venice Inlet, and all up and down the coast. I'm pretty much primarily an inshore fishermen, but I know that big bait pods equal big fish eating them. So, my question is, what is a good rig/tackle for trolling through these bait pods? I've got a Penn 4000 reel on a 7' medium heavy rod, and picked up some Crocodile spoons, but I'm unsure how to hook it all up. Especially since I'm sure I'll be wanting to use a wire leader. What size wire? How long? How to tie it to the spoon? What size swivel? I'm assuming I just tie the wire to the spoon on one end, and to a swivel on the other, but know what happens when I assume, so I figured I'd ask the pros.

Anyways, thanks for the help and sorry for the long winded post.
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