Anyone successful with a bimini top on an 1890

I'm looking for one with a quick disconnect. There are times when it gets busy with say three hook ups and trying to clear lines. Upper Keys or South Dade recommendation please. Thanks


  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Yes. I did mine recently. Will post pics when I get a chance. I did the quick disconnects with a larger backing plate/washer and 5200.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    IMO you should try to do this yourself. It was easy.

    Bought my Bimini on eBay. Go with the 8ft Bimini instead of the 6ft. I wish I did now....upgrade the plastic components with SS. Can get them real cheap off eBay as well.

    Bought these flush disconnects on eBay too. See my pics. Don't use the screws the disconnects come with. Use SS bolts and lock nuts with very large washer. Use some 5200 under the female pieces. Mine is rock solid at 55mph. All said and done was about $300. If you go to a bimini guy they will charge you double that for a similar result. But if money is not a concern....

  • LMKLMK Posts: 566 Officer
    That looks great. Been searching for the right stuff for a Bimini top, thanks for the post.
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    Thanks...looks like what I was thinking.
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    Can you show all the mount locations? Looks like the quick release distributor is one town over from me. What brand was the Bimini. I have never bought anything on ebay.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    I will try to take some pics tonight of the mount locations. The 2 in the back are at the base of the platform to keep them away from stubbing toes. The 2 in the front are on the inside of the gunnel where the curve is. Use a little 5200 to seal the screw holes.

    Any Bimini on eBay will do fine. Get the 8foot. You can thank me later. The 6foot just doesn't give enough coverage. Search for Bimini on eBay they are all made by similar manufacturers in China with a canvas type material that is waterproof. Good enough for me as I only use it occasionally. When it get nasty replace for a 100 bucks. Can't beat it.

    This is what I would buy if I did it again:
    Measure across the width to make sure this Bimini will work but I believe it will put the mounting poles in the middle
    Of the gunnel. It's been a while since I did mine. Also don't use the rear support poles. Get some straps like the front of the Bimini. Also get some SS end caps for the poles where it will meet the mounts.
    Like these:
    You can order from eBay or get them at any boating place.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Again this is what I did and it works fine for me. Was a low cost alternative. Everyone situation is different.
  • cmd381cmd381 Posts: 52 Deckhand
    Any pics of an AC with a bimini up? Curious as to how it end up looking. I have an 1820 and have considered it for the summer months.
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    Thanks for the help DanOmite. Looking forward to the other pics.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Sorry haven't had a chance to get the pics.
    Where would you like to see in reference to the mounts? Are you looking where to put the mounts on the gunnel?
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    I guess the overall placement of the surface mounts and where it is when layed down. While I'm not completely uncoordinated I do walk the gunnel a lot. I recently made some rod holders for my Pelican, so that will help on the front deck and I will probably add another to the poling platform. I honestly never owned a boat with a Bimini. I thought about this a few years ago, but everything I saw was either poorly placed or looked more of a tripping hazard versus a benefit. But last year I really felt the heat and just hitting 58, I don't want to sit on the dock in the shade and be mad at myself for not going out. Plus within the next 12 months I'll have a procedure on my back that will have me dockside for at least I figure 6 months before getting the ok to be back on the water. So I want to get in some summer memories to reflect on during rehab . Thanks again.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Sorry this took so long.

    The rear strap eyes are mounted at the rear foot of the platform. See pic.

    The front strap eyes are mounted on the inside of the gunnel almost to the 90 degree turn. I too clumsy as hell and didn't want to stub my toes.

    The receiver for the quick disconnect is mounted almost even with the steering wheel. If you go with the 8ft Bimini I would
    Move those receiver mounts about 12 inches to the aft of the boat. That should put the shade from the Bimini almost dead center of the cockpit with some overhang. Personally that would suit me fine. But whatever works for you.

    Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    So if I read this correctly, the removable quick disconnect even with the steering wheel is the center point for the frame cage to connect to the boat and the other eyelets are for securing the straps. Pretty cool poling platform knockdown.
  • edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
    Thanks for the help....
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