Nice Cobe

1 for 3 on cobia today. And numerous cutoffs by kings. Couldn't get the other 2 slobs in quick enough and they were diesel. Beefed up the tackle but wasn't enough. Gonna run some 80 lb braid next time. 40-50lb didn't cut it. Saw a lot of boats at the pile today that were lucky enough to be able to even fight them for more than 3-4 minutes and still land em. Crazyyy cause I was workin with what seemed like 20-45 seconds or so. Shoulda just free spooled n followed him away from the action so I can land them but got a little to anxious I guess. Had luck on top and bottom today all with livies, no luck on jigs while pitchin them in front of the taxman. Had a guy fishing solo next to us that had a beast on but he happened to forget his gaff so I pulled up to him and dropped my mate off on his boat to assist. Unfortunately it spit the hook after a decent fight. :bangheadBummer!!!! About an hour later we ran out of bait and that gentleman we helped gave us his remaining pilchards before heading in. Good Karma I guess Fun day nice weather, and glad to see people caught fish.


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