Riding the tide...any tips?

I have been loving the kayak exploration. New places are so fun to investigate. There are a few places i want to get to, but they are farther than i could handle. Any tips on how to use the tide to help? How big of a help is it? What do i need to know about the wind, too? When you go, how long do you stay out? Thanks for any tips. I am talking more about intercoastal, not ocean.


  • LighthouseKipLighthouseKip Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Paddling with the tide/current can help you move faster and go farther. However, if you are paddling out with the tide/current, you will have to paddle against it on your way back (depending on when you left during the tide phase and how long you are staying out). The wind works the same way. Paddling against the tide/current is not fun. I'm sure most on this forum have made the mistake of paddling with the tide on your way out, and against on your way back. The best bet is to paddle against the tide on your way out, and with it on your way back. Check your tide charts!
  • quatinquatin Posts: 598 Officer
    I do it in Chokoloskee. It's about 6 hours for a tide change, which is about how long I like my fishing trips anyways. I pick a day where outgoing tide is 1-2 hours before sunrise. I launch around sunrise, and in 4 hours it becomes slack tide for a lunch break, then ride the incoming tide back.
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