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Spiny Lobster comments needed by October 24!

DaveDave Posts: 149 Officer
The Feds are going after Spiny Lobster now. The changes are not probably going to have an immediate effect but this is the start of yet another long slippery slope into regulatory hell.
Please make your comments at :

Here are suggested comments:

Removal of Species from Fishery Management Unit

I agree with the implementation of this portion of the Rule.

Spiny Lobster ACL and Accountability Measure

I agree with the implementation of this portion of the Rule.
I also express concerns that there are no sector allocations and encourage allocations be set in the future of at least 26% recreational.

Revisions to Federal Spiny Lobster Tail-Separation Permit Requirements

I object to the implementation of this portion of the rule and would encourage the implementation of Alternative 2, elimination of all tailing permits. This rule allows shorts to be harvested by commercial harvesters and makes enforcement of the size limitation more difficult.

Condition of Spiny Lobster Landed During a Fishing Trip

I object to this portion of the Rule. All lobster should be landed whole. The theory behind rule of all whole or all tailed is flawed. All it requires is that once the first short lobster is tailed, all lobsters have to be tailed to hide the shorts.

Use of Undersized Attractants

I object to the use of shorts as attractants.

Modification of Generic Framework Procedures

I agree with the implementation of this portion of the Rule.

Removal of Derelict Spiny Lobster Traps in the EEZ Off Florida

I agree with the implementation of this portion of the Rule.

NOAA Fisheries Service Seeks Public Comment on a Proposed Rule for
Spiny Lobster in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic
Comment Period Ends October 24, 2011
NOAA Fisheries Service is seeking public comment on a proposed rule for the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic spiny lobster fishery. The proposed rule published in the Federal Register on September 23, 2011 (76 FR 59102). The public comment period ends on October 24, 2011.
The Fishery Management Plan for Spiny Lobster Resources in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic is jointly managed by the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils (Councils). NOAA Fisheries Service and the Councils developed Amendment 10 to address new requirements of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. They also considered requirements listed in a biological opinion on the spiny lobster fishery developed under the Endangered Species Act. If Amendment 10 is approved, the final regulations are expected to be implemented in 2012.
The proposed rule would:
• Remove four species of lobster from federal management;
• Establish an annual catch limit, annual catch target, and accountability measure for Caribbean spiny lobster;
• Revise the protocol for cooperation with Florida and the framework procedure, which allows more timely implementation of routine regulatory changes;
• Require fishermen with tailing permits to land spiny lobster all whole or all tailed, and require applicants for a tailing permit to possess either a federal spiny lobster permit or the Florida permits required for commercial lobster fishermen;
• Allow retention of as many as 50 Caribbean spiny lobsters under the minimum size limit and one per trap; and
• Authorize the removal of traps in federal waters off Florida through Florida’s trap cleanup program.
In addition, the Councils approved non-regulatory actions to revise thresholds used to determine the status of the stock, such as overfishing (rate of removal is too high) and overfished (population abundance is too low). The Councils also established an acceptable biological catch control rule. The Councils considered alternatives to create new closed areas to protect coral and implement trap line-marking requirements; however, they chose to take no action at this time to allow time for additional stakeholder input.


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