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Saturday, October 22nd Dive Report

RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
We had a rough start because our friend left his keys in his car while we were putting gas in the boat... But good thing that both my husband and him are locksmiths so they managed to get his truck opened up...

We went out of bayfront park in homestead this morning around 8 am and our gps said it was 69 degrees at that moment... It slowly changed to 75 but still felt cold to me especially with the cold wind... The current was ripping throughout the day for us but it was do-able and we saw alot of mack schoolies pass by which it is that time of the year for them... I LOVE CERO MACKS! :hungry I managed to shoot one cero mack that was around 19 inches... Our dive buddy missed a mack he said that was twice the size of mine... The guys managed to catch 2 lobsters and 4 hogs... Threw away a nice big mangrove my husband shot because it had **** bubble on the side of it and we had to throw away a school master that had some weird injury marks on the stomach... Just didn't want to take the chance but all the other fish were fine... we called it a day around 2:30... It wasn't all that the catch but better than nothing and we were really itching to dive with all this bad weather thats been holding us back...

Hard to see a little bit and current was ripping and very cold is all I can say with my cheapy 3mm wetsuit... I put two of those cheapy 3mm one on top of the other just to keep warm... the guys were warm and cozy in their Omer 3D camo wetsuits still waiting for my husband to buy me an omer too...

Viz in some spots we were able to see 20 to 30 feet below but other spots were milky and you could see 5 to 10 feet only... I really hope next Saturday will be better...




  • LoneRangerLoneRanger Posts: 39 Deckhand
    Great Job! what was the water temp?

  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    thanks for sharing your pix and story! you are one tough cookie to go out in the cold!
  • RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
    LoneRanger wrote: »
    Great Job! what was the water temp?

    Thank you Lone Ranger... The water temp I checked it at a website just to base it more or less whether to wear my rash guard or pull out the 3mm... Here is the website http://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/Elliots/seatemp

    Because last week it said 79 degrees but changed and raised up a little into the 80's... Yesterday, our gps said it was 69 degrees around 8 am and slowly it raised up to 75 throughout the day... Our dive buddy's watch said the same as the gps...

    when I checked the website on Friday it did say it was 68 or 69 and it would change to 75 or something like that and it said to wear the 3mm so it was more or less correct... the news said after this weekend it should warm up a little again so you never know.. if you go just bring 3mm and a back up rash guard just in case... thats what we have been doing...
    thanks for sharing your pix and story! you are one tough cookie to go out in the cold!

    thanks Bill :) yeah I really didn't want to go because I wasn't feeling so good but I pushed myself for my husband... He needed the help to load the boat and for me to drive back home for him... He is super wiped out today... yesterday too he passed out sleeping all day yesterday... I think he over did it yesterday trying to fight the current... I rested on the boat at times and didn't push it too much because it was rough...
  • Lone DrifterLone Drifter Posts: 639 Officer
    Congrats to you and the crew :beer way to tough it out and make the best out of a rough start.
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