Sebastian Inshore 03-06-2016 - my best snook of 2016

Given the poor water quality and my last trip three weeks ago (fished hard and felt fortunate to catch four 20-24" trout in the filthy water), I did not have high hopes. Ronnie and I were greeted by a brisk wind when we launched my Pathfinder at Main Street Ramp in Sebastian. As the sun was breaking the horizon, we fished my usual snook haunts with no success. Although, Ronnie did manage a couple of mangrove snapper on a jig. With the snook not cooperating, we down scaled our tackle and went exploring. I was throwing an Olive Green X-Rap with my 7' St. Croix Legend Elite 6-12lb rod 3000 Stradic CI4 combo loaded with 10lb (2lb diameter) braid when I connected with a 15lb jack crevalle. A smile formed on my face, it had been weeks since I heard a drag sing! Caught a couple more nice jacks before a monster decided to eat my little x-rap. The water erupted with a behemoth snook taking air with my little green x-rap hanging from its mouth. My drag was screaming and the battle was on. The fish peeled off close to 100 yards of line before Ronnie started the big motor and took chase in the boat. As the battle wore on, I kept thinking my 20lb flourocarbon leader would give way. Ronnie's excellent boat maneuvering was key in keeping the fish from getting into a narrow side canal and I was lucky to stop several runs just shy of the shoreline. Fifteen long minutes later, Ronnie slid the net under my trophy. She wouldn't fit in the net, but Ronnie balanced her across the frame and got her in the boat.

42" and guessing 30lbs plus given the extreme girth of this fish!


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