Hudson to Anclote Inshore Report

The fishing has been either extremely on or extremely off the last few weeks due to the cold fronts and winds. Trout are holding in the deeper holes in the morning and moving onto the shallow flats as the day warms up. Red's are holding on muddy/rock bottom because of the heat muddy/rock bottom will hold. Right now with the weather being cool and a front having just moved in last week, live shrimp on a 1/0 circle hook is the go to bait for your best shot at some fish. Remember, when using a circle hook, let the fish set the hook on its own. If you set the hook in a traditional way, you will pull the circle hook out of the fish's mouth. The fish are holding in water that has a temperature of about 64-65 degrees.

There has been some reports of green backs in the deeper residential channels, which were found using a fish finder. The later half of March we should see some greenbacks showing up on grass flats or area around structure.

I use 10lb braid on a 3000 series Penn Battle, which is strapped to a medium power Hurricane Calico Jack. Working a DOA 4 inch soft plastic on a weedless weighted 4/0 hook has also been productive. Root beer/Chartreuse seems to be the color that works best for a bite. Work the bait by slowly jigging it off the bottom. Hopefully the fishing will pick up as we should be looking at warmer weather come mid-March.

Billy Davis


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