Experienced Florida Captain - RELIABLE, HONEST, CLEAN!

Do you own a 40-70' boat? Are you tired of unreliable dirtbags, drunks, or dishonest choices to help take care of your boat and take your family/guests fishing? Do you need someone full-time, part-time or regularly that you can count on?

After 15+ years on the same 50' boat it is seriously for sale. The boss is getting out of boating. I am based in Jupiter/Palm Beach and have a clean, strong reputation. I have 20 years experience in SE Florida/Bahamas with extensive Sailfish, wahoo, dolphin and marlin fishing. I also am a strong snapper fisherman, both deep water and shallow, former commercial Kingfisherman and spent fifteen years running boats in the NE before moving to Florida. West End is my "second home" and I have spent time in over twenty Bahamian islands.

I have impeccable references. I do not take any form of illegal or illicit drugs. While I have an occasional beer and have a taste for quality wine, I am not a "drinker". This means I am reliable, consistent, and trustworthy. I take care of a boat as well as anyone and treat them better than I treat my own. I am a solid seaman with conservative values. I read weather as well as anyone and I don't take chances with other people's boats.

I have done extensive work on a/c systems, plumbing, electrical systems. Have almost every sub-contractor specialty dialed in with the best men readily available. I am quick to learn new electronics and well versed in many of the current electronics. I can navigate without electronics when necessary and can run single engine boats, outboards, and twin diesels comfortably.

I have delivered boats back and forth from NE US to FL over forty times and have traversed probably 90% of all ocean inlets between Cape Cod and Key West. If you find something I have no experience at (other than sailing), I will be surprised, but I will quickly learn it.

Finally, I am a graduate (with honors) of NYU business school and former stock analyst and VP of research. While that means nothing in fishing it shows that I am intelligent, well rounded and financially stable. While I know my place as a crew member, I can communicate on any level and am good at working with people from all walks of life. My personal contacts include world class businessmen, world famous musicians, Wall St. managers, as well as top notch fishermen.

Send me a message or call me at 561-252-9030.
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