Weekend Results

My wife had a couple of cousins in from South Dakota. They dive in the rivers up there, where it can be 40 degrees and visibility of about 1 foot. They primarily wanted to dive, but the weather did not co-operate.

Plan was to dive Friday, Saturday and fish Sunday. Friday was calling for 20 mile winds. Their flight landed at 1:45 so I thought we could get a dive in on Thursday afternoon and did, but really rough. One of the guys got sick and had to cut short. We did get 6 lobsters.

Friday was not as bad as called for, but not good. We decided to fish. Trolled for about 4 hours out to 700 feet. Got 2 Blackfin right in front of PE inlet. Both of them tried sushi for the first time. Sushi is not big in South Dakota.

Saturday tried to dive again. Rough, but not as bad as Thursday/Friday. I dive on a hookah. Did a 1.5 hour dive, got 6 more lobster, but due to the rough conditions, the flag came off the Hookah, so day called after 1 dive/
6 lobsters.

Sunday was to be better and was. We trolled out 12 miles. Got one Skip Jack. Pretty dead ocean. Worked our way back in to 700'. Saw a frigate and began following for 30 minutes. Was definitely on fish as was diving and flyers everywhere, but not interested in our baits. As the frigate flew higher, I looked up and saw something big floating. Looked like a bunch a plastic bottles wrapped up for trash that maybe fell off a cruise ship.

Trolled by and had 4 or 5 lines go offer, but only landed 2 bar jacks.

Pull up and my wife snags a Wahoo on a vertical jig under the mouth. Bar jacks were everywhere and could not keep baits away.

Decided to jump in. Saw about 25 to 30 Wahoo under the water that would stay deep, but come up to the surface every now and then. Shot a Dolphin, Rainbow Runner and a Triple Tail (Federal Waters).

Another boat came up and we decided to troll past a few times. Got 2 more Wahoo and another Rainbow Runner.

Got a final Dolphin trolling in. Was not looking good, but ended up being a very productive day.

Trying to post pictures of the fish. The only thing that will attach is the debris.


  • brianuf5220brianuf5220 Posts: 42 Greenhorn
  • SeaHunt1SeaHunt1 Posts: 191 Officer
    Way to to a day around!
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Very nice mixed bag!
  • on deckon deck Posts: 650 Officer
    Very cool report. Nice job.
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Heck of a haul there.

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • e-moneye-money Posts: 4,258 Captain
    Solid work, nice flags and mixed bag! S FL slam!
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  • Reel MullarkeyReel Mullarkey Posts: 1,837 Captain
    You got to love when the plan comes together!
    How deep are you diving with the hookah rig? Do you do safety stops on the way up?
    We use one in the keys for shallow diving maybe 30' or less. I don't really worry about the safety stops that shallow but I have been thinking about adding more hose and going deeper.
    Jonathan Mullarkey's
    Professional cleaning and restoration since 1999

  • brianuf5220brianuf5220 Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    What we dove last weekend was 15 to 20 feet. We rarely dive over 30 feet with it and when we do we have a spare air and never over 50. We do stay down for 2+ hours at a time when 20 or less.

    I use a computer and always come up before a safety stop is needed. The Hookah is nice in shallow, but it can cut out at any point due to gas, engine, or compressor issues. I never push the situation where I would not be OK if cut out at any point.
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