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Crystal River-Trout and Sheepshead

It's been about a month since I last posted, only made two trips. The first was with Jake we did a quick trip looking for trout, first time we've really tried trout fishing in the winter and I was amazed how easy it was. After reading Super D's post about catching trout in the days inn canal figured we'd start there since we launch there on every trip and was surprised to catch a 17" trout on my first cast with a gold lil john. Caught a few more on every other cast then got 1 more in the mullet hole before heading to the creeks. Once in the creek Jake was throwing the same gold lil john and I couldn't catch anything on a gold doa shad that looked almost identical. The lil john caught every single trout the entire day from the trout in the canal to the ones in the creeks. I tried gulp shrimp, live shrimp, and doa jerk shad and nothing. They seemed to be schooled up in similar size as the rest of the pack. Caught a few 14"-16" trout that seemed skinny so we only kept our limit of 17"-20" trout. No real big ones but had a great time had our limit before noon and played catch an release for another hour an a half.

Lost my head mount and chest mount is noisy because my hands were all over it
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Everyones been catching a ton of sheepshead lately and the weather looked beautiful so I asked my parents if they wanted to go fishing for a little while on Sunday. Hit the water close around 10am with 100 shrimp and headed out about 9 miles with a perfectly flat ride. The tide was freaking insane!!! Had a full moon the night before and in 15ft of water 1/2oz weight didn't come close. Then 1oz was a struggle, feel the bottom for maybe 5 seconds then it's gone. Couldn't even believe we had to put on 2oz weights to hold it long enough to feel a fish. Bite seemed slow for the most part but every now and then we would hit a group of sheepshead and get them every drop then nothing. They are masters of stealing your bait sometimes, then other times they'd come unhooked half way up or even at the surface. Caught a few baby grouper and other small fish but it was mostly sheepshead or nothing. Surprised I caught like 5 baby sheepshead we let go and 9 of them went 14"-21" my girlfriend Megan got the biggest one at 21" and very thick. Mom and dad both got 19" ones and had a great time. Probably had 20 or so sheepshead hooked or at least interested and got 14 in the boat. Ride back was just as calm as the way out and home fairly early and went to dinner with the family to finish a great day.

Played around with garage band making music, first attempt.
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