Weekend Offshore

I was able to get out both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. On Saturday I went out with my buddy Rick and my wife Irene (Pictures are from Saturday). Launched at Fort Desoto before the sun came out and thanks to Captain Bly I was able to find a few spots to sabiki live pinfish. A little slow with 1-2 at a time, but we were able to put about 60 in the livewell in 30-40 minutes.

First stop was about 25 miles out, in 85 ft of water and proceeded to put 15 vermillion snapper in the box in short order. My buddy Rick couldn't hook a vermillion so he put a live pin on and dropped it past the vermillon and was able to pick up a nice mango. Pulled anchor and moved out to another spot in 90 ft and caught nothing. Finally made it out to a spot we had fished back in January in 100ft of water and 5 seconds after the first bait hit the bottom my buddy Rick had the nice Red Grouper in the picture in the boat. For about an hour we proceeded to pick off 5-6 keeper size ARS, 6 Gags (My wife caught her first gag, about 34 inches), A few more short red grouper, as well as trigger fish, porgies, and a couple shorts AJ's.

The bite seemed to be really light (except for the gags) all day, and I struggled to anchor a bit with the wind and tide fighting each other. As some point the tide stopped moving and the bite really shut down so we ended up picking off a few here and there after but nothing special.

Sunday was with a buddy that is a little afraid of getting seasick so we didn't go to far, probably 22 miles out at the furthest. Didn't matter where we anchored, we absolutely crushed the grunts. Between 3 of us we probably caught in excess of 100 grunts. All on frozen sardines, but when we threw a live pinfish down the bite never came. In 75 feet of water over some hard bottom we did catch a Rabbit Puffer fish (My uncle has the picture so I can't post it) which I threw back because I didn't know if there were any regulations on it. In our last spot we were in 65 feet or so near the pipeline and we were finally able to chum up a few lane and mangrove snapper then called it a day.

Overall, kinda a strange weekend with a hot bite one second on a spot, then nothing on the next one. Catching grunts when I have never caught grunts on the same spots previously. Still put some fish in the box, and threw back some excellent fish, we just had to work really hard for them.


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