Weatherby LaserMark .224 26" barrel made in Japan. Please help with price?


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    Don't sell it!!
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    turftech wrote: »
    Don't sell it!!

    I agree. You can always check around for typical asking prices on Gunbroker. My guess is somewhere close to $1500 without scope, depending on condition
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    I bought one a few serial numbers lower at this years Lakeland gun club show in January
    I gave $800.00 with no scope just mounts and rings
    I turned down $1200.00 and $1700.00, as I tried to make it over to my friends table
    to put it up
    when dealing with Weatherby oddballs like the 224, the price is what ever the market will bear
    if you are interested in selling PM me and I will make you a fair offer
    do you any factory loaded ammo with it
  • 250sav250sav Posts: 137 Deckhand
    Checking on Gunbroker "completed" auctions for the Lazermarks, I found 23 auctions that have been completed recently, only 7 of which actually received bids and were sold. Most of these were NIB. The low was a 300 weatherby that went for $839, and the high was a 257 that went for $1750. A couple went for $975 or so, and a couple for $1275 to $1300. As I said, most all of theses were NIB. Yours has some wear on it, but because of the caliber I'm guessing maybe $1000.
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    Where are these guns?
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