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Taking a picture with a shark is morally wrong...

If you guys aren't on facebook I guess you're going to miss this one...

Fox news got a video from some idiot of a guy catching a shark in the tide and dragging it up on shore for a picture and compared it to the people that took pics with that dolphin and ended up killing it. 99% of the replies in the thread are people saying how they hope they find the guy and press charges on him and how bad it is etc etc. I posted my thoughts on it and people are calling me everything from redneck to ******. lol

It's amazing to me how dumb some people are. The guy was respectful to the shark and you can see it is plenty healthy when he released it.

Maybe if some of you are bored you'll go in there and argue the point... It's really amazing to me.

I don't know if this link will work but it's on Fox35's facebook page if not...


Fox 35 WOFL shared FOX 5 Atlanta's video.
6 hrs ·

I'll paste in the text and some of the replies for your entertainment. Including mine.


FOX 5 AtlantaLike Page
7 hrs ·
A video shared by a Florida journalist shows a man pulling a shark from the water in order to pose for photos.

Ashleigh Walters shared this video of the shark’s capture and release in Palm Beach. The man poses with the shark while a group of onlookers take photos. The shark made it fully back into the water after the video ends.

A similar incident, in which a dolphin died after being taken from the water in Argentina earlier this week, sparked major criticism.

Craig Sanders There's absolutely nothing wrong with what this guy did. Holding a shark for a picture is perfectly legal. Holding a dolphin not so much. Sharks are pretty resilient. That shark would have been ok even if the guy had kept it out of the water a lot longer than that. Also it looks like a bull to me so if the guy wanted to he could have harvested it and taken it home to eat. That shark got off easy.

This is really ignorant and irresponsible news reporting. Fox, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

What's next?
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Erica Victoria Velazquez
Erica Victoria Velazquez I agree
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L Kay Henderson
L Kay Henderson It doesn't matter if the shark is more resilient...wild life should be left alone!!!
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Slayde Warren
Slayde Warren Redneck
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Lynn Marie
Lynn Marie Wow
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Wayne St. Louis
Wayne St. Louis Sorry Mr. Sanders, but you're wrong. And so was he to do that. And I feel so for you also... because apparently you're a ******.
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Marcio Roberto
Marcio Roberto Sorry, but if you want to appear go to the circus. I understand that it is beautiful to take pictures with a small shark, but when the fish are out of water (their home) they suffer even if only for a few minutinhos
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Nancy Narlock Snyder
Nancy Narlock Snyder what a bunch of jerks, even if it was only for a short time the shark suffered. Let them live in peace.Most sharks want nothing to do with humans. Can you blame them.
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Tracey Keith
Tracey Keith That makes me sad... I hope these people who participated in the picture taking and the guy who held it down are tracked down. I hope every one of those morons, sometime in their life have a shark encounter on them, or something else happen to them.
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Barbara Cain
Barbara Cain The sharks fine, that is how come he came back in again. The idiot wanted a picture he should have kept the shark by the surf. Too bad the shark did not bit him.
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Jim Harris
Jim Harris the shark was soon after released and resuscitated, no issue here, unlike the Dolphin fiasco which resulted in the poor animals death
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Dave Stough
Dave Stough So, y'all have never been fishing and taken a picture holding the fish you caught? Y'all don't eat fish? Come on, there are worse thing in this world to be pissed off about. It's fishing... One of the most popular sports and jobs in the world. Dude was proud of the fish he caught. It lived. End of story. Catch and release.
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Jennifer Hayden
Jennifer Hayden The dolphin that was killed was endangered. This guy catch a shark could of kept it but did a catch and release.
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Melissa Minieri Bennett
Melissa Minieri Bennett This is just sad and ignorant... Can we just leave our wild life and marine life alone in their natural habitats? This man should face punishment of some sort for this . Smh
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Awilda Torres
Awilda Torres Another stupid moron.Are these people don't know rules.You know what gave him a big fine for his idiotic moments.I wish it was a big shark so he will bite him and loose his hands 😎😎😎
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Mike Crew
Mike Crew And they abused that shark for what a picture **** what are they stupid, evil more like, I hope they get what they deserve
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Beckie Klipper
Beckie Klipper What the hell really people need to get real. How would they like to be pulled from their normal surroundings be posed with as you are gasping for your life.
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Ciji Lynette
Ciji Lynette My only issue: they couldve taken the pic quicker... Shark was legit trying to breath while they were taking shot after shot.
If they werent gonna kill it - they could've been quicker about it... Thats all.
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Tim-and Ginette Garner
Tim-and Ginette Garner Leave the things where they belong & do not stress them out. That is what a real man is. Kindness & respect is stong !!
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Vicenta Luci
Vicenta Luci People are such IDIOTS these days! Leave these creatures be already!!!! They are NOT meant to be out if water. I feel bad for the animal.
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Filly Whigham
Filly Whigham I am not a shark fan, but this is cruel. If you don't think ,so hold your breath for 5 minutes, then say it is not cruel.
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Karol Sarane
Karol Sarane **** ever i guess you want to be a man doing this well start with taking that ridiculous looking girl bun out of your hair for starter's and then be a real man and learn to live with nature and leave the wild alone!!!
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Gabsky V Mrtz
Gabsky V Mrtz All this criticism and you are all having fish for dinner never going to make people happy just love to complain
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Amazing Raj
Amazing Raj Awesome as long as the shark was let back into the water. smile emoticon
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Marilyn Swanson Daly
Marilyn Swanson Daly Sorry, the shark belongs in the water, if you need a shark to look like a tough guy, go work on your issues.
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Tim Dreggors
Tim Dreggors would of been nice if the shark would of bit the crap out of him several times!
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Brandon Becker
Brandon Becker Another ****** with his man bun
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Margo Dinardo
Margo Dinardo I hope he gets arrested. People watching should be ashamed of themselves too.
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Carvalho Deborah
Carvalho Deborah So sad .. What a P.O.S ... And no one to help the shark...
Carvalho Deborah's photo.
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Bonnie Dunn
Bonnie Dunn You are a bunch of ungrateful punks leave the sharks alone and grow up to be a human
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Marie Hook
Marie Hook Leave the shark alone!!!!!!!!!
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Marietta Desimone Olivo
Marietta Desimone Olivo This Is Terrible... Are There Life Guards On These Beaches?????
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Annette Cook
Annette Cook They say Florida people are stupid I guess we always show them we are
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Stephanie V Newberry
Stephanie V Newberry Just my opinion, but there needs to be a law against doing things like this
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Steven Miranda
Steven Miranda Morons. And these people want SeaWorld shut down so that people could kill them in the open ocean.
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Gary Krupinski
Gary Krupinski Dumb tourist for sure, just like the ones who feed alligators.
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Deanna Voakes-Pillon
Deanna Voakes-Pillon karma will get them next time they go swimming in the ocean lol
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Marcelo Glauco
Marcelo Glauco THATÁ WHAT I CALL A F...STUPID ******BAG!
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Roger Frotten
Roger Frotten I would have cleaned it and put it in the cooler. Love eating shark.
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Karen Shea Ault
Karen Shea Ault Why would someone do this? You watch them and leave them ALONE!
Karen Shea Ault's photo.
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Jaqueline Borborema
Jaqueline Borborema Oh God, again? This people won't learn. Leave the animals alone.
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Anna Moran Tibbs
Anna Moran Tibbs I wish he would have gotten his arm bitten off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Kathie Breiten
Kathie Breiten Too bad it didn't bite him for his stupidity!
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Eric Loyd
Eric Loyd he should try swimming with it and then snap a few pics see if the shark will stand still for you
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Charlie Linkowich
Charlie Linkowich Would have made a nice suit, si?
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John Billings
John Billings I think they do that all time in order to either eat or release the critters ... I could be wrong .
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Carol Jessop
Carol Jessop That is horrible. What the hell is wrong with people these days .
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Denise Carter
Denise Carter He needs to go to jail for assault and battery on a shark
He needs to get better really hurts😀
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Della Griswold
Della Griswold Jerks
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Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett I hope he gets bit
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Suzanne Ormond
Suzanne Ormond Hope he is prosecuted x
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Steven Budka
Steven Budka So wrong,Why?
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Eugene Wareley
Eugene Wareley selfie nation on the rise
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Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones That's cruel
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Michael Sean
Michael Sean ****** bag
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Angie Randolph
Angie Randolph idiot
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Pat Williams
Pat Williams Crazy people!
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Donna Quillen
Donna Quillen Arrest him!
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Carol Andrews
Carol Andrews
Carol Andrews's photo.
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Jerald Morton
Jerald Morton Charges will be filed against him
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Cindy Piso
Cindy Piso Wrong
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Nivia Selenia Sosa
Nivia Selenia Sosa I consider this "grown man" nothing but stupids clowns.
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Valeri Ouimette
Valeri Ouimette he shouldve gotten bit....
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Lee Gallego
Lee Gallego very sad to see this video.
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Dorothy Pyles
Dorothy Pyles Don't like sharks that close
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Enrique Ayala Jr.
Enrique Ayala Jr. PETA does worse
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Wahnita Yinger
Wahnita Yinger I hope he got arrested.
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Tee Bango
Tee Bango Not good
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Arty Willard
Arty Willard Stupid
Arty Willard's photo.
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Coleen Keegan Blois
Coleen Keegan Blois Idiot
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Joan Allen
Joan Allen What a jerk.
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Travis Jack
Travis Jack **** hippy
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José R. Collantes Torres
José R. Collantes Torres #animalcruelty
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Mos Ch
Mos Ch Stupid
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Marshall Matthews
Marshall Matthews Hurry. Someone arrest this kid.
Marshall Matthews's photo.
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Anthony Boulier
Anthony Boulier It's happening
Anthony Boulier's photo.
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Michael Henry
Michael Henry What a bunch of savages.
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Ingrid Mallory
Ingrid Mallory So rude
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Susan Ocker
Susan Ocker Your point is............? You are an idiot
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Steven Broder
Steven Broder Who cares. Get some real news...
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Michelle Nunley
Michelle Nunley terrible
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Kim Grimaldi
Kim Grimaldi Wrong!!
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Caroline Burnier
Caroline Burnier frown emoticon
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James Judy
James Judy Sad
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  • mburke001 aka TripleBmburke001 aka TripleB Posts: 1,536 Captain
    I quickly looked at some of the responses on FB; those are the same type of people who think lions are house cats and chickens are grown in packages. In a comment I posted, I pointed out stating about fishing shows holding fish up to the camera before releasing. No problem there most of the times.
  • Doc StressorDoc Stressor Homosassa, FLPosts: 2,648 Captain
    They probably killed that shark. They are a lot more fragile that people think. They have a huge liver that gets damaged if you let them slap around on a deck or beach. And their vertebrae are injured when you lift them by the tail or drag them backwards on a beach. Remember that they have no bones. Just cartilage.

    The reaction of the people was predictable. But I hate when people shark fish from the beach unless they are going to keep them. While they usually swim away, they typically die within a few days. People who study sharks have learned that they must either be left in the water for tagging or brought up in a sling or slide for measurements. They have found that if they aren't careful like that they get very few tags returned.
  • Luv2YakLuv2Yak Posts: 944 Officer
    Photos of males with shark landings are way over-charged with testosterone.

    In today's world of social media, do ALL anglers a favor: please spare us the testosterone-laden photos of your macho conquests.
  • ANUMBER1ANUMBER1 Posts: 11,429 AG
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
  • navigator2navigator2 Posts: 22,509 AG
    I have no hate for sharks but I do for the tards that think "We are the World". Sharks are made for catching, killing, and eating. Some of them are quite tasty. Sorry.........not feeling sorry for an invertebrate spineless shark. Been many that ended up on my grill. They are NOT sea kittens. :rotflmao
  • csanderscsanders Posts: 471 Deckhand
    It's kind of absurd that fox was comparing this guy with the shark to the group of people that killed the dolphin...

    That's like comparing a mom with her kids at the playground to a pedophile...
  • WB DrifterWB Drifter Posts: 202 Deckhand
    I'm with Doc on this. Mortality is inherent in catch and release to one extent or another. On the positive side, if a released fish doesn't survive - it's body will still provide nourishment for other organisms.



    That said, It's hard to get worked up over that catch if you've seen the waste produced buy long line fishing and the like. As for the social media feeding frenzy it produced - can I get away with saying: Mental Mast--bation?
    [SIGPIC] You are only allowed 0 images. [/SIGPIC]
  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 1,612 Captain
    Fishhuggers! Their numbers are increasing and they pose a great threat.
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,961 Captain
    Enh, there's a fine line between being a fish hugger and being a responsible sportsman that respects his environment. It should be common sense that we want to preserve and protect the habitats we rely on, but there are many who don't feel that way and care nothing about conservation. If you don't plan to eat something you should take great care to preserve it, because even if it's a nuissance fish you don't really want to catch it's part of an overall ecosystem that sustains the fish you DO want to catch. I don't think dragging your catch up onto the beach with a truck has any part in preservation or protection. However, if you want to eat that fish I don't care if you drag it down I95 behind your car, that's your business. But otherwise I don't kill or harm things for no reason.
  • Luv2YakLuv2Yak Posts: 944 Officer
    “Of all the questions which can come before this nation, short of the actual preservation of its existence in a great war, there is none which compares in importance with the great central task of leaving this land even a better land for our descendants than it is for us.”
    ― Theodore Roosevelt
  • mburke001 aka TripleBmburke001 aka TripleB Posts: 1,536 Captain
    Just an observation: I'm watching now, Thursday 7;25pm, River Monster; Jeremy caught a 6' bull shark in Florida and brought it on the edge of the beach, but left it partly in the water. He filmed, opened the shark's mouth and talked for a while, he then released the shark. Unknown how long he actually spoke before releasing it.
  • navigator2navigator2 Posts: 22,509 AG
    Jim311 wrote: »
    Enh, there's a fine line between being a fish hugger and being a responsible sportsman that respects his environment. It should be common sense that we want to preserve and protect the habitats we rely on, but there are many who don't feel that way and care nothing about conservation. If you don't plan to eat something you should take great care to preserve it, because even if it's a nuissance fish you don't really want to catch it's part of an overall ecosystem that sustains the fish you DO want to catch. I don't think dragging your catch up onto the beach with a truck has any part in preservation or protection. However, if you want to eat that fish I don't care if you drag it down I95 behind your car, that's your business. But otherwise I don't kill or harm things for no reason.

    Well said Jim. If I'm not going to take a blacktail I'll cut the line.........I have no desire to have a cluster in my boat for no reason either. :) I do not, never have killed anything I don't intend to eat.......

    (well,,,,,,,,,,I forgot about coyotes, barracudas, and house raiding raccoons)......................but you get my drift. :grin
  • bluewatermafiabluewatermafia Posts: 540 Officer

    Yeah. I don't like it either.
  • mburke001 aka TripleBmburke001 aka TripleB Posts: 1,536 Captain
    Navigator funny that you mentioned raccoons, I have a visitor every other night; been using clorox spray trying to keep him away. Regarding taking sharks etc; I'm the same, if it's not going home, I release the fish immediately.
  • Luv2YakLuv2Yak Posts: 944 Officer

    Yeah. I don't like it either.

    Were they released?
  • bluewatermafiabluewatermafia Posts: 540 Officer
    Yes sir. They all were revived to the best of my ability and swam away strong.
    But this is the first time I have heard of the research mentioned above about internal damage from being on the sand and stressed vertebra. But I have seen sharks on nat geo intentionally beach themselves during a hunt, so I don't think they are as sensitive as some imagine or would like to think.
    And I'm no physicist but I would imagine the force of those big spinners jumping clean out of the water and crashing back down would be similar to laying on the beach.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,293 Moderator
    Catch ,photo and release. No problem , no big deal, just give them a little respect and it's all good.
    "You'll get your weather"
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