Fishing around the Fort 2/20

Launched out of maximo early with my girlfriend and got on the water as the sun was rising. It was a little windy already, which it stayed all day. Started out fishing some flats and potholes in search of trout. Had a promising start with 2 underslot trout coming back to back. But after those 2 fish everything seemed to die in that area, so it was off to some different flats. Bounced around in several different areas without any other strikes. The 2 trout came on a popping cork with a gulp shrimp in nuclear chicken. Around 11 or so as the tide was starting to slow, we started to search for some sheepshead. Fished around bridges in the area and found fish at most locations. The best was the first bridge on 275 as you go south out of st. pete. Here we found plenty of sheepshead and to my surprise I pulled out a nice keeper Mango. All the fish were caught on shrimp, either freelined or on a knocker rig. We also caught about 50 or so 6 - 8" jacks and baby mangos. Looks as if the mango population will be great in the near future. Played around with these guys for awhile until we went elsewhere. Tried some docks around the area to see if we could grab a snook or two but we had no such luck. Called it a day with enough fish for a few nights dinners :cool:


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