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Been a while! Report for 2-12 and 13

You guys helped my brother and I out with some information right before Thanksgiving - Thanks Again!! Our families met in the middle (Miami and Atlanta) for a week in Ozello. Wow, you guys have a beautiful backyard! The short story - we fished the first day with Captain Alan Niblett. Fly rods only and man did poor Alan push us all over! We had a tough day but it wasn't for lack of effort and he is a great guy and guide - it was just one of those days - everything looked fishy and we spooked a good amount but not many clean shots... We had horrible weather for the whole week but still put in a ton of time. Wound up with 4 reds all week my only fish coming on the 3rd to the last cast of the trip right before dark. Of course it made the 662 casts I made all worth it :>))

We learned a lot about the area and truly fell in love.

Anyway for the new report!! Made an excuse to come back up your way with my daughter. We were sneaking up to Ocala to pick up a new pup for my wife for Valentines day under the guise of a quick father daughter fishing trip. We stayed in Homosassa and drove over to John Brown to put in each day. My daughter caught a nice redfish right out of the gates (her personal best to date) and I thought we were going to be in for a lot of catching. It wouldn't be the case. Checked some other spots and ventured further up some creeks we had explored last time. It was cold and cloudy which made seeing the fish before they saw us tough. We did spook a few and caught one more little rat red.

On the second day I spooked a lot of fish. We found them right off the bars near to shore out of the wind sunning themselves -it was a clear sunny day but really windy. I am not kidding I found 40 fish split between 8 different spots. The pattern for where they were hanging out was consistent. As far as getting them to eat was anything but consistent. I tried to slow down as much as possible but no luck with Gulp.

Great trip though! Love the area and I will be back in the spring when I hear it turns on a little more. One bit of advice - as soon as you think you know where you are going put your boat in neutral and remind yourself that there are rocks and oyster bars everywhere. Bent my prop at the end of the first day because I knew I could run through there.... http://forums.floridasportsman.com/images/smilies/banghead.gif

Lastly, any recommendations on a decent place to stay anywhere convenient from Homosassa to Crystal River? We stayed on the river in Homosassa and it was decent but I thought over priced for what it was (maybe the holiday weekend)...

Thanks again for the previous help - anyone headed down to Biscayne Bay, Flamingo or the keys and I am happy to help the best I can!!! Lastly, be happy you have such a great Forum!!


  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,538 Captain
    We truley have the best area to fish year round, but this time of year can be a challenge. Please do come back in the spring as the fishing heats up with the weather
    If it don't fit force it. If it breaks it needed replace anyways. :banghead
  • Wishin i was fishinWishin i was fishin Dunnellon FlPosts: 943 Officer
    Great report! Next time check and see if member Shuterkng is still renting his condo on CR. It's a nice quiet little spot. My wife and I stayed during scallop season 2yrs ago. (Wow that's a long time, I think I need a getaway!!)
  • HammerheadTedHammerheadTed Posts: 1,273 Officer
    This is a beautiful place for sure and the fishing is great, but there's not many that catch fish consistently this time of year, besides guides, and they often concentrate on Sheephead while they're hot. Glad you enjoyed your time here.
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