Fun last few days.

The boys are not happy with me since they're working literally every day back to back with no breaks. But it's busy season. I wanted to get the forum members a quick report as to where the action is. Based on the last week the hot areas are breakers and the mid/north section on of the condos. 110-130 off the do dos is the spot for sailfish. 140-160 of the breakers for mahi and sails. The beach has spinner sharks migrating down it so its a great way to hear action. 10-20 feet from breakers to dodge wall is holding large schools of sharks. 20 pound spinning gear makes it a blast. In the mix we managed a 39 pound cobia and lots and lots of sails. Arthur had some on the CC today and I went 4/6 in the AM off the condos on 2.0.
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