Diamond Infinite Edge Pink Camo Bow, Right Hand, 5-70 lb, 13-3" Draw, many extras

Diamond Ifinite Edge Right Hand, Pink Camo, many extras, 5-70lb, 13"-30"

Diamond Infinite Edge Pink Camo Right Hand
-5-70 lb Draw Weight
-13"-30" Draw Length

-Pink Whisker Biscuit
-Pink Sims S-Coil Stabilizer
-Pink 30-06 Outdoors Soft Case
-Pink Cobra Release
-Pink Limbsavers
-Tru-Glo Sight from the original package
-Octane Quiver from the original package
-Tube style peep
-Victory V-Force "Pink Arrow Project" Arrows .600 spine, already cut to length and inserts installed (will measure them tomorrow)

This bow has over $120 in upgrades over the factory package and was only shot a few times during the original set-up. The shooter never took to archery unfortunately

I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow if I can make it home

$230 local pick-up in Central Florida
"If you're gunna be stupid, you gotta be tough"


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