LT 235/85R16 Load Range G 14 ply Goodyear (set of 4 with rims) $1200

LT 235/85R16 Load Range G 14 Ply Goodyear G614 RST Unisteel Radial Trailer Tire on factory Mobile Suites 5th wheel rims. Tire date codes are 04/14, made in USA and have made one trip traveling approximately 4500 miles. I am upgrading to 17.5 tires and rims if these sell. No issues with the tires. The rims show normal appearance and came on 2008 Mobile Suites. They are rated for load range G/115 psi tires. Wheel size is 16 x7 and bolt pattern is 8 on 6.5". 9/16" studs and rims are stud piloted. Located on east coast of Florida south of Daytona Beach. Will need to coordinate pickup with delivery of my upgrades. Month of March would be best. Tire price alone is $340 from each. Local pickup only near Edgewater FL. I-95 exit 244.
East Coast Florida
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