2/8/16 - PBI - Sailfish Bite Still ON! Even though it wasn't rough.

Was working on the Bertram this morning but couldn't stand sitting at the dock with the perfect weather. At 10:00AM I finally put down the scrub brushes and grabbed my rods and headed for my Contender. My boat is light on fuel so I wasn't going to go far.

Cleared the inlet to a very big, cool surf swell. Ran out and put two kites up. The wind was all over the place today. One minute it was too light for a medium kite, the next it was way too strong for a light kite. I made 7 kite changes in 5 1/2 hrs finishing with two Xtra heavy kites.

Despite the kite troubles it wasn't long before I had my first attack. A sail attacked a short kite bait like a kingfish. Popped the clip before I got to it and was ballistic in seconds. He did two or three backflips and cartwheels before I caught up to him. The second the line came tight it popped. Somewhere in those jumps he had tied a knot and even with only 4 lbs. drag it cut off. I lost the fish but it was such an impressive show I wasn't (too) upset.

A little while later another fish came up on the same short kite. Also aggressive he ate in one bite and headed for the long bait. This one I was ready for and came tight quickly. He didn't even skip a beat. Despite me pulling on him he took drag right to the long kite bait. I tried winding it out of the way but he inhaled it. Holy cow! He jumped once or twice but with two drags working against him he gave up quickly. Bizarre.

During one of the spells where the wind dropped out I was struggling with my kites. One got wet and as I wound it, I popped the short bait out of the other kite so it wouldn't drop too. I was just lifting the wet kite in the boat when I saw a bill come up on the lone kite bait. This was a slow, difficult bite but after two tries on the same fish I would get him. I doubt he weighed fifteen pounds.

I reset to the south. The next few hours were slow but I did manage another fish during another kite dilemma (I swear they know) while a big tugboat was within yards of my lines. Fortunately he was going away as the fish bit.

As time to leave approached I finally had a fish come up on a flat line (with balloon). He ate aggressively, came tight and, like the earlier fish was trying to eat another bait while pulling drag. I got it out of the way just in time and fought the biggest fish of the day for almost twenty minutes.

Down to the final warning my flat line goes off. I come tight and it feels like a big fish. Its heading right for another kite bait. Pulling drag hard my line suddenly pops free, limp. A second later a big body crashes on the near kite bait and cuts it off too. Not a sail for sure. In 180' it was either a real big king or a wahoo. Either way it is free and has two circle hooks in his belly. That was a sign to me to go home. 4 for 5 on sails in 5 1/2 hours is pretty good in my book.


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