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Hi y'all. :)

I have popped in and checked on you guys from time to time. Craig has me more than curious with the new Nikon, but that will be another conversation. Wonder how much that will be. Life has me moving from one place to another, and in my endeavor to change addresses, I believe I have aged a few years. Hopefully I will make it to the refuge in a couple of weeks while I take a week off; I missed the arrival of the wintery friends for the first time in eons, and hope I get out there before they all leave. I have become a fan of Pinterest (chick site) and saw bird feeders. Ive made a few, and now I try to identify the little backyard birds I always made fun of while they frequent my .50 cent feeders. Chuck, thanks for the nice comments on my images on the "other" site. Tim, I can but wonder if you have gotten any speeding tickets; I will tell you now Im disappointed if the answer is no.

This bratty lil kid was beggin for food. :)


One in the yard.


One of the .50 Cent birdfeeders. I love these things.


Capybara's are vicious and should not be let alone with small children. In-laws are another matter.............


  • mississippi macmississippi mac Posts: 4,222 Captain
    first of all, great images...I've come to expect nothing less from you...
    I don't know if I've ever seen a mediocre image from you...

    next...you're already on a canon system, why change???
    you can buy refurbished 7D Mk II's from canon at around $1k or a 6D full frame for about the same...

    and no...no tickets yet but I have buried the speedo at 150+....
    there are some really cool paved roads with twisties in the north part of the county where you NEVER see the law...
    there is one straight-away that is almost a mile long...soooo....:grin

    anyway, good to hear from you and see posting again...

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  • redsgurlredsgurl Posts: 555 Officer
    Hi Tim. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new toy. Hopefully you will get a lot of fun out of it. Just mind your manners, and be safe. I dont like the whole 150 scenario. I dont care if it has a cage, bars and a fuel cell. Your old **** has no need to do all that. :) I know i have the canon. Low end and slow. Not that I am worthy of the new top of the line, as I am certainly not a pro, but I would like to try it. Renting does come to mind for a look-see. If I read it right, the Nikon has a little more quickness, and I like the buffer capabilities, along with well, all of it. it looks like a monster compared to what I have. You will have to agree, sooner or later. :):):) Not jumpin on the new train, gonna wait and see what comes, but I will say, it has my attention. Don't worry, the lil Canon won't be having a funeral. :) thanks for the always kind words about the images. Glad to see you.

    Capybara's are vicious and should not be let alone with small children. In-laws are another matter.............
  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,398 Captain
    I agree with Mac, if you are hampered in any way by your gear it sure doesn't show. Good luck with the move, that's a huge PITA in the absolute best of conditions.
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