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WTB - Surf Fishing Rods

rudycrudyc Posts: 2 Greenhorn

Going to be camping at St Joe State Park up in the Panhandle this spring for a couple of weeks and want to try my hand at surf fishing.

Looking for a couple of "entry level" rods. Don't really have any experience and not really sure of what I need???

I have 2 Cardinal #6 reels I'll be using.

Thanks in advance.


  • bluewatermafiabluewatermafia Posts: 540 Officer
    If you have some 7'-7'6" med-med/heavy that will work fine. You don't have to cast miles to catch fish.
    But if you are wanting to get something a little bigger I like the okuma longitudes at Academy. They are like 35$. Little heavy but can't beat it for the price.
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