jig advice for deep water jigging

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I`am going to the keys the last week of February. We are suppose to do some deepwater jigging up to 250 ft. I never did this before what we be a good jig to use and color . thanks what kind of line should I use. Thanks
Did anyone ever try a raku jig


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    Knife Jigs would work up through the water column for kings, Aj, black fin, etc. Heavy buck tail jigs and flair hair jigs work well for grouper. I've seen them work real well with plastic grub tails added or a whole sardine or cigar minnow. Some of the new jigs like the slow fall and slow pitch are supposed to work better for snapper. I have not seen the raku jigs used. I have something very similar to the raku that I am going to try next time I go. I've seen all sorts of color jigs work. For the bottom I would probably try white and red.

    Most people use nraid line for jigging some add a top shot of mono for a little give. Hope this helps.
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    ~250' most Vertical/Knife/Butterfly/Speed Jigs ~200-400g (depending on current) work well... Pink/Glow is hard to beat...
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    The old "deep jigs" were the thing years ago - now most are using butterfly jigs instead. When I used deep jigs we always tried to use the lightest we could get away with (for 100 feet of water a one ounce or 1 1/2oz jig - for 200 feet of water 2 to 3oz jigs -if the current was ripping sometimes a lot heavier...). Back when I was a club angler was long before super braids came along so mono was all we had - braid is probably much, much better (no stretch and much smaller diameter means a quicker, cleaner drop and much better hook up ratios... As far as the jigs themselves we used every different head shape imaginable with either a glow worm if we were fishing without bait - or a whole ballyhoo, a strip, or a other dead bait pinned to the jig (with bait you're not going to be doing any radical jigging -you're much more just using the jig to get the bait down on the wreck or other structure you're working..... Hope this helps, but most of my jigging was done back in the seventies and early eighties.....
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    I like to use a 150g jig in the depth you are targeting. If the current is ripping, go up to 200g.
    The colors are up to you, but I like jigs that have a bit of glow paint on them if you're fishing in water deeper than 200ft.

    Edit: As has been said above, go with braid (30# or better) and a 6ft leader of something like 40# mono.
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