Yankeetown 1/30

Well mom had a day off and since she hasn't been on her new boat we decided to go ahead and go. Got a late start as mom was worried about being cold so we got to the ramp around 8. Ran out the mouth of the river to glass like conditions and some sorta low water. Decided to start fishing the outside due to the water height and immediately started seeing fish. Water clarity was VERY good for the most part of the day and for the first half we had good light to sight fish. Well, my mom and step dad both are kind of new to sight fishing so we missed and spooked several fish to start out with. Trying to stay calm from the platform I started coaching them through shots and we started to get somewhere. Water started dropping and the fish started to school up. Well, saw a fish tailing so I told mom where to look and she saw the fish, made the shot without me telling her where and boom! Fish on! Solid fish at 27". This was her first real fish that she has sight fished. Up until that point she was not having fun and was wanting to just blind cast. Slowly but surely she stared to figure it out and loved it. Tried to stay on that group of fish in hopes they would eat again but someone in a jet boat decided they weren't catching fish there and wanted to plane over the flat and the direction they were heading. This guy was 200 yards from me maybe. This happened all day long. Small rant, all the guys in the jet boats and airboats ran over so many productive flats today that held fish it was unreal. I honestly can not tell you guys how many fish I catch where everyone else runs. I did it ALL day. Anyways back to the fishing. Water started dropping so we went way to the outside to fish some grass/potholes. Fish were there. Found a really deep hole and mom says oh, I had a bite and just kinda let the rod sit still for a second. Then I looked down and saw the fish was laying there with her fluke in its mouth. So fish on again! Got him boatside and the leader breaks as we go to grab him. Get her rigged up and then my step dad hooks up with a 26" fish. Ended up catching a couple more fish before we left and even a few small trout. Called it quits about 2:30ish and ran back to the river. Was a great day for us! Now for dinner!


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