Kingpins of the Gulf make millions off red snapper harvest without ever going fishing

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This kind of stuff makes me sick.

"A little-known federal program has turned dozens of Gulf of Mexico fishermen into the lords of the sea — able to earn millions annually without even going fishing — and transformed dozens more into modern-day serfs who must pay the lords for the right to harvest red snapper."


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    This guy takes the cake!
    David Walker, a commercial fisherman from Alabama who is one of 18 voting members of the Gulf Council, agrees. He said the IFQ program has rescued the snapper fishery from chaos and overfishing. Walker receives about 2.5 percent of the Gulf snapper harvest each year, one of the 20 largest shares, worth $600,000 at the dock. He said he fishes almost all of his portion each year.

    "It's been great. I don't know any fishermen who want to go back to the way it was," Walker said. "It has been hitting all the goals of the National Marine Fisheries Service, and all the goals of the Magnuson-Stevens Act. It's been very agreeable for everyone involved."
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    davidgid wrote: »
    This guy takes the cake!
    So he fishes most of his portion and he's a kingpin???
    I am glad to only be a bird hunter with bird dogs...being a shooter or dog handler or whatever other niche exists to separate appears to generate far too much about which to worry.
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