Yankeetown 1/24

Looked at the weather and decided to go and sight fish some on the super low tide after church. Put in around 11ish and ran into Wishin' I was fishin and Gary at the ramp. It was super nice to get to meet you both! Well, ran out and water was certainly low! Decided to go fish some shallow grass on the outside to start out with. Started looking around and we were seeing fish, but much too late. Started making some blind casts into some potholes and that started working. But we were still spooking the really big fish. Wasn't even using the trolling motor. Anyways, water came in a little bit so I started working a shoreline next to a creek mouth. This turned out to be the best decision. We saw several fish, and some absolute studs, on the outside along the shoreline. Ended up picking up a couple fish this way. The big fish didn't want to cooperate. They were sitting way off the shoreline while the slot fish were tight to the shoreline. Ended up boating a couple slot fish throughout the day. Wind is picked up at the end of the day so we decided to call it quits around 4:30. My guess is the fish were skiddish because of the cold water and full moon last night. Just my opinion. Here's some pics.


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