Kayakin Around Yankeetown and Crystal River

It dawned on me around 1pm how beautiful the weather looked at my house. Figured it would be around 2:30 by the time I could get the kayak to Crystal River but figured it was worth exploring kings bay and some areas over there since I don't do it much in the kayak. Caught some bass on jerk shads and a couple snapper, then decided I wanted to find a real fish like a red or something now pushing 4:30 or so I found a rock pile and anchored up. Throwing a berkeley jerk shad on a jig I landed 1 small red in the first couple casts. Now with the red down I wanted a snook so I threw the yozuri a few times and hooked a big trout, somehow I couldn't fit him into the net and it came unbuttoned :banghead Hard to tell but I would assume around 23". Left that spot to fish more spots before sunset and surprised to hook a 24" red in the middle of no where bouncing the bottom looking for more trout. Chased a school of fish blasting some bait but couldn't find a snook before sunset, still a fun afternoon for an unplanned trip.

Go Pro Video

Had a trip planned with Corey and Colin to fish Yankeetown but he had truck issues and lives to far away for me to go pick it up and he wanted to fix his truck so me and colin decided to go in the kayaks. With Yankeetown in mind we tried there first, mouth of bennets creek I believe. Got two reds on a jig head with shrimp quick then nothing else besides a little sheepshead and some snapper. With 4 slow hours of fishing we decided to head back to the ramp where I hooked a gar that I thought was a big red and got towed around for a few minutes. Went to Crystal River to find more baby snapper on every drop. Started casting jigs at the tall grass around small bait schools and finally hooked a nice snook. What I didnt realize at the time, my camera was already running and when I hooked the snook I actually shut the camera off and missed the whole video getting dragged around by the snook into the grass and everything, it was quite a show. Anyways I still landed it and released it finally and then we went on to catch like 100 ladyfish in the next 30 minutes it was insane luckily 90% would fall off. I started with a jig, after they destroyed it I caught just as many on a bare jig head! Aggressive little things, I was hooking so many I would just reel fast to have them tow me closer to petes pier so I wouldn't have to paddle much. It worked well till they get hooked and turn the kayak around! A fun way to end it, any fish in the kayak is fun so I didn't care they were just ladyfish

Go Pro Video

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