210 for 277 in 3 days. EPIC!

As fisherman, you hear fish stories and go...Yeah OK! Well here is one that fits the bill.

I was fortunate enough to spend a few days with my father, Bob White and my Uncle Denny Doyle, this past week fishing in Guatemala with legendary and likely the very best billfish captain on the planet, Brad Philipps aboard "Decisive" with his outstanding mates, Johnny and Kennedy!

So this is my 4th time to Guatemala and has never disappointed. But what happens this time can only be described as EPIC and to me that feels like an understatement. So here we go....

Day 1 within 3 minutes, we have a hot blue marlin on the short right teaser. Unfortunately, does not take the mackerel on the quick bait and switch. Bummer right....NO! Less than 5 minutes later we release a triple on sails and now the game is ON!

We proceed to raise 85 sails, get 81 bites and release 48. (60% catch ratio) Have 3 more blue marlin shots, release 2 from 4 bites!
400lbs and another bigger blue.....again all on the first day!

Sitting in the billfish inn running through Day 1 in our heads thinking of day 2 and what lies ahead only can be described as excited anticipation!

So here comes Day 2!

We crush the sails! And go 84 for 107! (78% catch ratio) To top the day off, we catch a quad for the final releases of the day!

We were so crazy busy with the amount of bites, calls from the bridge, "RIGHT SHORT"..."LEFT FLAT"...."LEFT LONG"...." RIGHT RIGGER" ..I could hardly take any pics, run the gopro or darn near breath!

On the short run home, 14 miles, (sometimes it can be 30-40 miles +) all we could do is look at each other and say WOW! At this point my feet hurt, forearms hurt, my back hurts, but oh how good is that pain!

So now were thinking... did we really just do that... and how much better can it get? Our goal on day 3 was to improve on our conversion ratio and well we **** sure did.

Day 3 we head out with a great trip already in the bag even if don't catch another fish.

How can it be a fish story if we don't catch anymore fish you ask?

Day 3 we head out and by 9am we have already released 20 fish. Around 11:30 a 600lb+ blue crashes the left flat ballyhoo and all I can do is grab the rod with Brad yelling "BIG MARLIN" lock it up!!!! I looked at Brad, he looked at me and says "this is a big girl". When he says that... its for real....again well over 600+lbs. I fight a billless Blue for 20 minutes on a 20 standup before losing the fish. UUGH! I cant say we were not disappointed in losing that fish as it was big. But not to worry.... 2 minutes later we get another Marlin in the baits exploding on the short right bridge teaser... **** if it would not eat the mackerel..... two marlin misses and we needed a pick me up after missing my fish and not getting a bite out of the second marlin...well guess what... we were quickly tripled up again on sails.

Day 3... we went 78 from 89 bites (88% catch ratio)

EPIC is an understatement and clearly I experienced a fishing trip of a lifetime. Twice we had 5 fish on, we figured at least 7 maybe 8 quads, right around 20 triples and so many doubles we lost count. I have been many places but never ever have I seen that kind of fishing....

Tight Lines!


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