Sweetwater fishing report 1/22

Hadn't fished with my buddy Steve out in Hawthorne in a while and made plans to fish with him a few weeks ago. He'd said the warm weather lately had turned off the speck fishing, but loaded up the boat with some minners and and cane poles and a few dozen shiners and rolled out anyway. The weather was great, pretty warm compared to what we've had lately, and only a light breeze that came and went. The specks weren't fired up but we caught probably 35 or so and kept 25 good sized ones, the largest being close to 2 pounds, and the best 15 fish we caught weighed 23 pounds total. We caught some on jigs as well but most on minnows.


My best fish of the day came on a cane pole with 2LB test line. This bass weighed in over 5 pounds.


After we'd caught plenty of specks we started flipping live shiners out on deep ledges near heavy cover and were rewarded with several nice fish. I'd never fished with shiners before but it was a lot of fun.





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