Offshore St Aug 1-16

We left Vilano around 7 am with a ready crew and live well full of mullet. Fish drop in 100 foot- couple guys jigging and a couple fishing baits. Small BSB about every time on chicken rigs. No keepers. I used a white bucktail jig. Every time it got near the bottom a lizard fish would attack it. I started just ripping the jig really hard to get it out of the lizard fish mouth. I thought the commotion would draw attention. No luck on anything notable. Seas were great so we made a move to deeper numbers.
Fished a few numbers but just wasn’t finding what we wanted so we moved again. This spot looked better so we dropped the hook to focus on cobia for a bit. We sent down live mullet and starting catching fish! Several big snappers came up on the first drop. Decided to use some chicken rigs to get fish moving up and down in the column. Before long, the big bait on the back got slammed and up comes a cobia with a golden ticket for the fish box. We worked the spot a bit longer and had a few big fights that came unglued and a handful and bottom fish for the box. Had a few sharks but nothing bad.
Made a move to a different number for a last try. Had to weed through short triggers, pinkies and B’s to finally get a decent basket. Seems like all the bottom species were mixed in together on this trip. A nice mutton snapper made it the box at some point in the process. One decent gag grouper made it top side but was released because of the closer (dang it). We cleaned the deck, stowed the rods, and headed to the hill @ 45 mph in nearly flat seas. Bite was a little off but weather was awesome! We used cuttlefish and squid on the chicken rigs and live mullet on bigger rigs. Very little current in shallow but it was ripping pretty good in deeper water. Radio chatter indicated a good cobia bite… several charter limits.


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