Buying Supplies?

Where do you buy your supplies? I've been to Mud Hole, but what else is there? Live in the Clearwater area, any stores near there? It seems that rod blanks can get quite pricey at Mud Hole (primarily looking for MH 7' 6" rods).


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    Don't know about the Clearwater area. Get Bit Outdoors is in Oviedo near Mudhole but I don't know how their prices compare to Mudhole. You can go on line to see what blanks they carry and compare prices. There is another thread "Where do you get your blanks" a few thread down that you might want to read.
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    It's pretty far from Clearwater, but Bridgemasters/Fisherman's Candy Store in Lake Wales is where I get many of my blanks. They carry Batson as well as other brands. The prices are the best I've seen.
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    The fact is there are not a lot of stores selling rod building supplies - unlike buying carpet or car parts, rod building supply stores are few and far between. In Clearwater, we would suggest looking into Betts in Largo. But, like most, you will find they offer a very limited selection. Bridgemasters is something else to see if you have not been there - we love an occasionally take a trip there for odd ball stuff, but they specialize in close out and discontinued items mainly - so getting the same thing twice is hard to do. We know obviously know Mud Hole well and or competitors in the market - you will simple not find another location that has a tenth the inventory Mud Hole has - we are that large and others are that small.

    The pricing of rod blanks can have a large difference based on many factors. What you are will to spend also depends on many factors. A quick check of our inventory we see a MH 7'6" blanks from $18.95 to $270. That is a large range! You need to figure out what your budget is and then find what you think is the best rod blank for your money. Like most things - the more you spend the better rod blank you are going to get. But that is not to say you can not find an excellent rod blank for $50 to $100. Rod blanks, like the act of fishing, are based on individual needs, expectations and experiences.

    In general we recommend customers start with the CRB brand of blanks then move into the MHX blank line up. CRB blanks offer a great value to performance ratio for beginner rod builders. Moving into the MHX blank line, you spend a little more but the selection of blanks opens to nearly 400 models and a verity of price points. Good luck with your search and let us know if we can be of any assistance.
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