Wednesday 1/13 North of the shoe.

With the weather looking good for sight fishing, decided to leave work a little early with a co worker. Had high hopes of the big fish being schooled up in the shallow, clear water up north of the shoe. Got on the gulf around 2:30 to find very over cast conditions. Made the run and came to the conclusion that sight fishing was out. Water was clear but the dark, over cast, conditions sucked. So went to plan B. Top water. That's right, water temps hovering around 54/55 degree's and I tie on a skitter walk. My buddy said he was sticking to soft plastics. I eased up to the first rocky point and on my 3rd cast got crushed by a 29 incher. Unfortunately the small school spooked while fighting the fish. So moved on to another point. I got blasted 3 more times by giants here but they were over hitting the plug. Literally coming out of the water. My co worker had enough and went to top water as well. Did not take long and he was crushed by a giant. Much longer than my measuring board. Had to make another move. Hit a oyster filled mouth of a creek next and found some mid slot fish willing to play with our plugs. Boated a few and decided to hit the first point again to see if the school pushed back in. Well they did. We both got blast over and over again till finally I got one to button up. Another good 28 incher. With it now being 5:30 and getting dark we called it. The fish were very aggressive on the top water. Never seen so many fish get air born. They wanted nothing to do with the soft plastics. We did manage 10 or so trout in the mouth of the creek but nothing picture worthy. Fun 3 hours.

Big fish of the day

29" on my 3rd cast.

28" last cast fish

One of the mid slots from the creek mouth


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