NO BIKINI's ON!!!!!!!

Well, once again I fooled you smut surfers with key words... You people are so gullible, be glad you aren't a snapper in my chum line because all of you would end up on ice.

I took two buddies out fishing, one of them wanted to catch a red snapper of a fly rod and given the weather being flat calm, I told him that wouldn't be a problem. We left before daylight and made our way to a shrimper to get our shrimp boat by catch. A six pack did the job and off we went to a "secret" wreck. The wreck lay some 160' below and after pulling up and watching my depth finder light up like a Christmas tree, I knew our targets were acquired.

We all dropped jigs and none of them made it more than 40' below the surface. 3 red snappers were pulling drag simultaneously. We quickly caught and released them and I tossed out a hand full of by catch. Within seconds you could see about a dozen red snappers eating all the goodies. Joe grabbed his fly rod and did a short cast. He was using mono core which pulled the fly down slowly. 20 seconds passed and Joe was holding on to a red snapper that was screaming drag. He fought it for about 5 minutes before the hook pulled.

He repeated the feat but his fly was all beat up and really didn't look impressive. It didn't make a difference. Another red snapper was bouncing trying to gain its' freedom. While he was playing with red snappers one after another, my other buddy and I were releasing them as fast as we could drop a jig in the water. The fish followed us 1/4 of a mile from the wreck. Joe probably caught 4 or 5 on fly. No big ones but that just gives him a reason to return.

We continued to catch and release about 20 of them.



  • lowe-boylowe-boy Posts: 1,217 Officer
    Nice work buddy-

    It's a shame some **** in NC somewhere decided to close the season since there are no ARS out there, lol
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  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 4,248 Captain
    Nice job again. I bring bug spray on the boat to make sure that all flies will die, as I don't like them. That is a great catch for those who are into it. I like to use the heaviest tackle that will work as I am into filling the box. To each his own and good job putting them on the target species.

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  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    very nice!
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