Mercury Trophy Plus 13 3/4 21P

TravellerTraveller Posts: 84 Greenhorn
Hi All -

I hit a rock and bent my prop. I talked to two people at MarineMax in Jax, and looked up my outboard using the Mercury Prop Selector Tool. Everyone was in agreement that the propeller I needed to seriously upgrade my old one was a Trophy Plus 13 3/4 with a 21 Pitch. I thought it was going to be too much prop. I was right. The new prop maxed out at 4500 rpm, with no hole shot whatsoever. My little Mercury 90 4-Stroke just can't spin that much prop. :banghead

MarineMax has a policy that you can't return a prop once you put it in the water. :huh

Since my boat ran pretty well with the old prop, I ordered a brand new propeller online exactly like the one that got bent as a replacement for the replacement.

So - I have a stainless steel Mercury Trophy Plus 13 3/4 21P propeller that I used one time. The best price I can find for this prop brand-new is $475. I'm asking $300.

I'll be in Mayport next Saturday and Sunday, 1/16 and 1/17, if anyone would like to purchase this Trophy Plus and pick it up from me.
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